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Lick the blood 
15th-Jul-2004 01:09 pm
Captain Forehead
I got up this morning and successfully avoided eating anything before my cholesterol test. Within a week or so I should find out if it's any better or worse than it was two and a half years ago (when I was told to get a followup test in six months).

On The Daily Show last night there was a bit on the gay marriage amendment which included a conservative (I think it was Rick Santorum) talking about how allowing gay marriage would lead to social ills like single parent families. Still trying to wrap my brain around that concept.

The word of the day is: alacrity.

Despite my busy next couple of weeks I hope to find time to try out some Fancy Mini-Golf later this summer.

All of my time is scheduled between now and Monday. This is much more structure than my weekends usually have.
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