Aaron (coprock) wrote,


Busy weekend so far.

Went over to eriker's place for grilling last night. I had a couple burgers and some cake. The first burger turned out a little underdone, the second a little overdone. I think I need a meat thermometer. The cake seemed to be enjoyed by all. monstersocks was there as well as ladyslaughter, komatoast, idundunitagain, vaxjo and rock_moniker. It was a good time but we left somewhat early so we could get up early for this morning's adventure.

Today we got up and went to My Le Hoa for dim sum with eriker then went back to her place to watch the first Harry Potter movie (I saw the third on Father's Day and am now working on catching up on the first two). After the movie we went out and did a little shopping (considered Ikea but I want to wait a while before checking that out), then dinner, a walk around Como Lake and finally some cake and CSI.

That's my weekend so far.

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