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I'm back and finally getting somewhat finished getting caught up with everything that piled up during my two mini-vacations.

Things went somewhat to hell at work during my first mini-vacation but I fixed them before going on the second (and as far as I can tell my fixes are still holding).

The trip to Wyoming was a lot of fun. There were some problems with the initial portion of the travel that ended up swapping one day in Wyoming for ten hours of driving in a rental car but aside from that it was very good. Pictures will be posted in a little while.

The trip to Tennessee was a bit wetter than I'd prefer but good aside from that. This was the annual hike up Mount LeConte in Gatlinburg. There was actually a lot of extra space in the accommodations this year (way more last minute cancellations than usual this year compared to last year when we had one person more than we had reservations). Plenty of good time with family and friends of the family. Unfortunately my brother didn't get to stick around as long as usual (he closed on his new house on Friday and had an important appointment on Monday). I hiked around 15 miles that weekend (5.5 up the mountain, 1 for sunset, 1.5 for sunrise and 7.2 down the mountain). Details and pictures to come (probably before the Wyoming pictures).

Since last Tuesday I've mostly been trying to catch up and deal with various things that I got to ignore while on vacation. Trying to make sure bills don't get lost in stacks of unimportant mail has been a priority. I've also been avoiding the gym so far (too much to do, not enough time) but I have been trying to walk at least a mile and a half every day (mostly around Como Lake). On Friday monstersocks and I had dinner at Culver's then played Trivial Pursuit (she was dog-sitting at her parents' house). She was beating me pretty soundly for quite a while but her failure to grow up with a sport enthused younger brother finally proved her downfall. On Saturday we had Indian Buffet and went to vaxjo and s4's birthday party. Sunday was a nice lazy day at home with a walk to, around and back from the lake and some work at home on organizing and labeling pictures from my trip. (If I had a real camera this wouldn't be nearly as difficult since I'd never dream of taking as many pictures if I had to pay to develop each one.) I've also avoided the temptation to order a new computer despite the minor frustrations with my current one (three years old, small hard drive (twice an MP3 player), a new one would be about eight times as fast (but also much bigger and noisier), etc.).

I go away for a week and they raise the terror alert levels:
Terror Alert Level

Terror Alert Level

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