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The Plan 
10th-Aug-2004 05:15 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
If all goes according to plan I'll be going to the gym tonight for the first time in about three weeks. Vacations were a good excuse (can't really go to the gym when it's in another state) but I didn't go in the last couple weeks mostly due to time constraints. I tend to have trouble getting motivated to get back to the gym this time of year. I think of the hike up LeConte as sort of a finish line (gotta stay in shape so I can make it up the mountain) and now I lack that motivation. I've got my physical next week which provides at least a little motivation so hopefully I can get back into the habit of going soon. It's way too easy to find excuses for not going. At least I've been doing some walking around Como lately to make up for skipping the gym.

If there had been any refurbished G5s at the online Apple store this week I'd have been sorely tempted to pick one up. iPhoto was being irritatingly slow last night while I was trying to work on the pictures from LeConte (so a machine eight times faster than my three year old but still quite stylish computer sounds very tempting). It actually got quite a bit better when I changed the size of the thumbnails though. I may need to experiment with that a little and see if it's got the thumbnails at a certain size cached and anything beyond that requires it to build them on the fly or if it's something else. That'd be a fine question for s4's Mac Genius buddy.

Even though I try to convince myself that a new computer would be much faster and I could deal with labeling/arranging/selecting pictures much faster, I doubt it would actually help. I'd probably still spend just as much time obsessing over minor details and making infinitesimal tweaks.
11th-Aug-2004 10:42 am (UTC)
I was worried for a second there that I might get too tempted by that link.

I came really close to buying a Dual 2GHz G5 as a refurb shortly after their last update but didn't. That's still the sort of machine I expect I'd get but a new one is too expensive. After your post I checked the online Apple Store and they have Dual 1.8GHz G5 refurbs for $1800 which is a bit tempting but I'm going to try and wait. (The Dual 2GHz G5s were only $200 more when they were around.)

Still trying…

The new iMac is also due at the beginning of next month and could be interesting. I'll keep dreaming of a G5 Cube even though it will probably never happen.
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