Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Brief Update

I guess I haven't posted for a while.

monstersocks and I went out to Corner Table last week (the restaurant formerly known as NE Thyme). The food was good but the service ranged from good to craptastic. Sometimes I agree with Mr. Pink.

On Friday we went out to see The Village and had dinner at Midori's. The audience wasn't too bad for The Village despite the three very small children in attendance (two were carried out about two thirds of the way through the film when they started crying and wouldn't stop).

On Saturday monstersocks spent some time helping her friend Susie pack for her move to Iowa Faribault while I went out to lunch with snickle and her fella. We tried to go to Moscow On The Hill but they weren't as open as their website claimed (or maybe they are in fact only open for lunch at 11:00am and then close again at 11:01am).

On Sunday I had the traditional dinner with the Lundstens then went over to jimbexleyspeed's for eriker's part/Summerslam. I picked up doughnuts on the way so there were festive party hats to go along with the party cake.

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