Aaron (coprock) wrote,


New Canon G6 camera announced. Much fancier than my G3 (which is still fancier than I really need most of the time). Unfortunately they went from the stylish black G5 to a more black/silver look. Honestly the A95 would be a more appropriate level of fanciness.

If I were going to get a new camera I'd be more likely to get the new S70. I get a lot more use out of my S230 than my G3 since the S230 is so much smaller and easier to have around most of the time. I've been more tempted to get one of those Sonys that can take pictures in the dark but they only put that feature in their more expensive cameras and I'd prefer to avoid a camera that only uses memory sticks. I'll probably stick with my current cameras until one of them breaks or something.

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