Aaron (coprock) wrote,


I haven't been posting much, been busy with other stuff I guess.

I got a call tonight from Apple. I was playing around with the Apple Store earlier this week and putting together some potential computers to buy (iMac v. PowerMac). A sales rep from Apple called offering to answer any questions I had or help me with my order. It was a little odd. I tried to give her plenty of feedback about what I'd like to see (G5 Cube) just in case they're using these calls partially for market research. I won't buy anything until I've got the money together. I'll probably also wait until 10.4 is out so I don't have to buy it a few months after the computer.

I had a strange dream last night where I was waking up and it was the first day of school. I was all excited to see folks again but then I realized I'd already graduated and wasn't sure what I was supposed to do now.

I've been playing more video games than usual recently. I started out by playing some Hot Shots Golf 3. It was okay but not great. I think the gameplay on GBA Mario Golf was better. I then moved on to Mario Golf on the Gamecube. That was a lot of fun and the GBA/Gamecube link option was interesting. The Gamecube version gets a lot easier when you're using a character from the GBA. Next I opened up Soul Calibur for the Gamecube. That made me remember how much fun the original had been for the Dreamcast. I played a little of the Dreamcast version too. It's unfortunate that they decided to do english audio for the new Soul Calibur, it just doesn't sound right. I also tried the not-so-new Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. It was okay but I was expecting it to be better somehow. Maybe I need to find some information on how to play like the old days. The last game I tried was THUG (the original). I'd heard it was better than the last one but I didn't really agree. I don't think the problem with the Tony Hawk games was the lack of a lame driving mode or the lack of platform game running and jumping. The quality of the music has decreased since the first two despite the huge increase in quantity.

I'm trying to watch the debate but I think I may need to look up that debate drinking game to make it bearable.

And someday I'll post some pictures from my trip to Wyoming.

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