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Sometimes I feel bad about not posting more often but then I try to post and end up posting something damn near identical to a previous post. The gym is unpleasant. Complain about some minor irritation that I'll forget about in a few minutes. Post a link to something interesting. Make excuses for not having pictures online. Maybe I just need to come up with a quick little guide for these posts and then just post something like "Post #27" which would translate to "Went to the gym. Bah. Not much fun and there was some baseball game on most of the TVs".

Minor Irritation #16: I got a package slip yesterday so I had to stop by the Post Office on the way to work. This is an irritation because the office is supposed to be open most of the day (around 10-5) so it's a bit irritating when they aren't in to accept packages. I picked it up this morning and it wasn't a present for me (sad) but it was a present for monstersocks so that's useful.

Minor Irritation #19: I tried to record Lost last night (on my old TiVo which doesn't have service and therefore has to be told when shows are on and what channel they are on, what a hassle) but I ended up with an hour of Twins baseball. Yee-haw. Apparently they switched Lost over to channel 45 and won't be replaying it because "due to the network contracts we only get one run of the show". Thank goodness for BitTorrent. (monstersocks was aware of the problem and tried to tell me about it but I was at the gym and fairly incommunicado. She videotaped most of it despite incorrect online schedules.)

Thrifty Link: USB flash drives are getting really cheap. $80 (after rebate) for 1GB and $35 (after rebate) for 512MB.

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