Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Geek Lust

So, after work yesterday I stopped at the Rosedale Apple Store and looked around to see if they had the new iPod Photos on display. I didn't see any at first so I started playing around with one of the new iMacs, trying to convince myself that two and a half years is long enough to wait for a new desktop computer. Someone finally came by to ask if I needed help so I asked if they had the iPod Photos. Apparently they were right behind me but I hadn't noticed the difference between them and the normal ones. No big display materials up yet either.

I spent a little while playing with the 40GB model (and a little time after that playing with the 60GB model) and decided that it's a matter of when, not if. The color screen looks really good and the photo function is kind of cool. The extra capacity is the most important part (in my opinion). The new one is about a tenth of an inch taller than mine and a tenth of an inch less deep. It also weighs about ten percent less than my current second generation 20GB iPod. I have two questions that I didn't get around to asking. I'll still get one eventually regardless, but I'd like to know why the new model has less skip protection (17 minutes instead of 25) and if the contact display includes pictures or not. My biggest complaint about the new models would be that they still aren't including the remote anymore but they've started including the Apple case again (which I've never used after hearing some horror stories of the clip breaking off).

In other gadget news, PalmOne finally got around to formally announcing the new Treo 650. It looks like they've addressed all of my main complaints about the Treo 600 (quadrupled resolution and bluetooth). SD cards have also gotten a lot cheaper ($60s for 1gb). It'd be nice to only have one device instead of two but the Treo is very expensive compared to a normal cellphone. T-Mobile also doesn't show any signs of having them anytime soon (or of having any intriguing phones anytime soon, it seems like they've been pushing the t610 for two years now). ATT Wireless didn't have any interesting service plans when I checked last (they're rumored to be supporting the treo 650 after Sprint and have already moved past the t610 unlike T-Mobile) but now that they've merged with Cingular they might have some more interesting offerings. Cingular is also supposedly going to get an exclusive on the new sony ericsson s700 which looks promising if I don't go with the Treo. (I've lost track of just how many new phones sony ericsson has released while T-Mobile just keeps pushing the t610. Last I saw you could get something like $200 back when buying one through amazon.)

Yet another reason to not even consider the Sidekick.

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