Aaron (coprock) wrote,


I had a good time tonight at vaxjo's party. Pictures forthcoming (transferring to the computer right now). Lots of impressive costumes and fine decorations. I went with "Krispy Kreme Delivery Guy" and fully committed to the part by bringing two dozen doughnuts. I also brought a six pack of Guinness since the host had requested vegan snacks and the doughnuts didn't really cut it. (Very odd, the spell checker doesn't recognize vegan.) We chatted with many folks and then made a somewhat hasty exit a little after the time change.

Daylight Saving Time worked to my advantage tonight so that I'm not up quite as late as I would be if it weren't switching. (In Spring I managed to forget about it and even though I was sitting in front of a computer that had realized the change had occurred I didn't notice until I got a phone call informing me that I was late. This year I noticed when I looked down at my watch and it was one something instead of two something like I expected. It's nice when technology works for you.) I still need to do a home inventory to figure out which technology figured out the time change on its own and which didn't.

I spent some time at the Apple store looking at the iPod Photos again today. I expect I'll keep doing that until I finally own one.

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