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Stop Making Sense 
7th-Nov-2004 01:23 am
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
So, I came home tonight and there were two fire trucks behind the apartment building. I waited until they finished backing out and pulled into the garage. There were a couple guys standing outside one of the back doors so I stopped by and asked what had happened. Apparently there was a very small fire in the maintenance room in the basement but it had been dealt with. There was no visible damage within the basement.

Before that, monstersocks and I went out to see The Incredibles. Very good, maybe my favorite Pixar film so far. My enjoyment was tinged with a little bit of fear though. I'm afraid that Disney will see it as a potential franchise and end up with a bunch of poor direct-to-video sequels. Pixar's next film, Cars, doesn't look very interesting. The trailer didn't show much plot so maybe it's possible that they've got something cool up their sleeve, but it looks a lot more like a last contractual obligation sort of movie than anything else they've done so far. I did enjoy the new Revenge of the Sith trailer (even though deep down I expect it will be more like the last two than like Empire). I think I actually have much higher expectations for Serenity.

Before that we helped monstersocks' parents with their party for monstersocks' father's coworkers.

Before that I finally went to an Apple Store ready to buy a 60GB iPod Photo but they didn't have any. All they had in stock were the dopy little 40GB models. I called the other two area Apple Stores and they didn't have any either. Very disappointing.

Before that we looked at some apartments (monstersocks is moving soon so I tagged along for moral support).

Before that there was a week with lots of various things happening.

That's about it.
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