Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Good Weekend

Friday was pretty uneventful. monstersocks and I discussed going to a movie but didn't so I got to bed at the ridiculously early hour of midnight.
Saturday I slept in, then monstersocks came over and we went out and ran some errands before going to India Palace for a birthday dinner with heidiz, eriker and alisgray. (sworskogsfru and komatoast canceled at the last minute due to familial obligations.) It was a very good dinner. After some car wrangling we headed over to hedgiewan's birthday party.
Sunday we had dinner with monstersocks's parents (a birthday celebration for both kalmn and me.)

On the computer front, I finally got 10.2 installed on my Cube last week and messed around with printing some. I can now print wirelessly from my iBook which is quite cool. I also have iSync working so that I can synchronize my address book and calendar between my Cube, iBook and iPod. I'm still a little leary of synching my Visor with all the rest though (mostly due to iSync's current beta status). Now all I need is a bluetooth phone supported by iSync and I'll be set.
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