Aaron (coprock) wrote,

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The Need For Speed

I saw an ad for the PS2 HDLoader today. I keep considering it but haven't ever actually committed to ordering one. It'd be nice to not have to swap games and to get rid of load times. (I have a number of games that have never been played so I don't think I need to consider the nefarious purposes of it.) There's apparently a very similar competitor now too. I found a review of both that seems to give HDLoader the nod for fewer bugs, but HDAdvance seems to now support up to 200GB. HDLoader seems to be compatible with quite a few games. I imagine 120GB drives shouldn't be too expensive these days. ($50 seems reasonable).

monstersocks and I are going to the Pixies show tonight. I think it's interesting that they're selling MP3s online of all of the shows and also selling CDs of the shows online.
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