Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Can I trade for one of those wacky neighbors like on TV?

So, I was coming home tonight and ran into my downstairs' neighbor in the stairwell. Most of the conversation wasn't anything particularly new. Apparently despite staying out of the bedroom after 11pm (occasionally even after 10pm) hasn't helped much and my walking around in the rest of the apartment continues to bother him. He requested that I move my computer desk to the opposite wall in the living room, but I told him I considered that unreasonable. If I did move it, that would just mean more of my excessive walking next to the wall. He apparently keeps his bed on the living room side of the bedroom because of noise problems with his other neighbors. He suggested I change my sleep schedule to match his, but he apparently didn't find it reasonable when I countered by suggesting he stay up as late as I do. One interesting thing to come out of the conversation was the fact that he apparently has had trouble with noise from upstairs' neighbors before. If that's true I'm not sure why he lives in a first floor apartment. Another thing- he apparently wakes up when I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I mentioned earplugs again and he said that he has tried them but they fall out.

I'm running out of patience with him. On the one hand, I understand why he's upset. I'd be pretty unhappy if I couldn't sleep in my apartment due to a neighbor, but if I were an extremely light sleeper I don't think I'd be in a first floor apartment. I think my neighbor isn't going to be happy until he moves into a corner apartment on the top of an apartment building.

Blah blah blah. This is all irritating, but if this is all I have to complain about things aren't really too bad.

I also got to see Buzz Aldrin punch Bart Sibrel in the face tonight.

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