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Nothing like it 
12th-Nov-2004 11:13 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
There's nothing like that feeling of slowly waking up, feeling well rested, looking over at the clock and realizing there was an alarm clock failure.

Last night monstersocks and I went to the Pixies show. Very, very good.

This week I bought a pummelo. At the store I assumed it was some sort of grapefruit hybrid, not realizing it was actually a grapefruit progenitor.

The true story of Audion- An interesting tale of the life of a shareware application.
Making fine vodka from cheap vodka - Alternate Link or maybe just try http://www.ohmygoditburns.com/ and look for the 2004/11/05 entry.
Sing a Bob Dylan song, get visited by the Secret Service- Welcome to America.
Gigabit switches from $37-$80
Cooking for Engineers- Interesting
13th-Nov-2004 12:50 pm (UTC)
This week I bought a pummelo.
I just saw one in the store today and wondered what it was. Thanks for the link.
13th-Nov-2004 10:38 pm (UTC)
Glad to be of help.

I wouldn't have bought the pummelo if I hadn't been grocery shopping with monstersocks. When I shop alone I tend to have a "get in, get out, nobody gets hurt" style of shopping. When I shop with her I have much more time to wander around while she debates the comparative merits of different brands and types of marmelade. A couple weeks ago I ended up with a pomegranate (which I'd had before) and this week it was a pummelo.

I ate the pummelo today as part of my breakfast. It was sort of like a large, less intense grapefruit. The rind is much thicker than I expected. Good though.
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