Aaron (coprock) wrote,

The Power Of The Internet(s)

I complain about a TV show one day and they fire almost all of the crew shortly thereafter. Wow.

monstersocks was busy with packing most of the weekend. I slept in on Saturday then got caught up on South Park. I liked the election episode better than I expected to.

monstersocks and I went out to viksin's party this weekend and we finally got to meet Dan. I was expecting him to look a little more like Ian Anderson instead of Glen Danzig. I brought some Shrinkies to share.

Sometimes I feel like an addict trying to stay on the wagon. Last night I came really close to buying a new computer. I still can't decide between the new iMac and a G5 tower.

Does Hayden Christianson every play any characters other than whiny adolescent jerks?

Goth Kaylee
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