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Too Busy 
19th-Nov-2004 11:26 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Too busy lately to do much with the internet.

I spent most of today talking in meetings. I usually spend the majority of my day in my office working and not talking all that much. It was all pretty useful though. Got up earlier than usual so I'm much more tired than usual.

monstersocks and I went out to a local bar and hung out with jimbexleyspeed, 433, alexisthegirl and an old acquaintance of monstersocks', then went out to get her something to eat for dinner.

HLDLoader seems to work pretty well. It had no problem with the GTA games but I ran into some read errors on Katamari Damacy. Sadly it takes kind of a while to import a game.

Unused Apple Commercials - Apparently no longer there. That's what happens when I procrastinate on posting these things.
GTA-San Andreas 8 Disc Soundtrack Details
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