Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

I like Light Rail in theory but I continue to be frustrated with what it's done to the traffic on Hiawatha. Poor implementation doesn't mean the idea is bad though. At least I won't care much longer.

Rationally I know that the G5 makes more sense as a new computer (dual processors, room for a second hard drive, external display, etc.) but every time I stand in front of a 20" iMac G5 I have to have one. A huge display and it's a lot more speed than I currently have. It also doesn't hurt that the iMacs are a lot cheaper than the G5 towers.

I watched a show tonight where all of the students of a high school received a little online purity test in their email accounts, then the person who sent out the test offered anyone's results for sale online. Some aspects were fairly ludicrous but I was amused by the similarity to the lj crush thing that came up last year.

Bad News: Serenity delayed until September 2005
Expensive Gift: (Almost) All Criterion DVDs: $5000 (I have five of the out of print titles.)

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