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29th-Nov-2004 05:47 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
We picked up the keys tonight. monstersocks will be moving in this weekend and I'll probably be moving in the next weekend (moving the big stuff, assuming I get a truck, and I've got a couple months to filter and move the rest). I need to give notice at my current apartment sometime (even though there isn't much hurry since I could technically wait until the end of next month before giving notice- my lease has a clause preventing its termination at the end of November, December or January).

Work was okay today, nothing particularly notable. Not much vacation but it still took a little while to get back up to speed. I came in earlier than usual so I could pick up the new keys.

On Sunday the standard Lundsten Family Dinner was cancelled. I picked up Chipotle for monstersocks and kalmn. We had a brief discussion of cable for the new place and finally came to something of an agreement. I still need to figure out if I can get my current deal at the new place.
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