Aaron (coprock) wrote,


Busy times these days.

Bah, stupid livejournal. I saw the little ad on the frontpage for "Holiday Deals" so I looked but there wasn't anything interesting. I considered paying the $10 for some extra user pictures but apparently you can only do that if you have a paid account.

I went by the post office today because I got a notice that they had a package they couldn't deliver, but when I got through the line there was no package to be found. (The line took quite a while. I don't tend to get too irritated waiting in line at the post office as long as it takes less than an hour. Hooray for lowered expectations. I was a bit annoyed with the woman who apparently had never been to a post office before so she waited off to the side while other people lined up to be served. She eventually butted in and wasted one of the clerk's time before leaving (because her package was insufficiently protected). The woman ahead of me was somewhat twitchy and kept making comments along the lines of what I think in my head at the grocery store when the customer and clerk are spending more time chatting than doing business.)

There were some problems at work but they've been resolved. I managed to scare one of my coworkers by having a closed door meeting with the president of the company and then leaving the office immediately afterwards. (The two events weren't actually connected, I just needed to leave so that monstersocks and I could pick up the keys to our new apartment.)

I got to waste a bit of time this week on hold with Microsoft Tech Support in some faraway land (where english is obviously not the primary language). The vast majority of the time spent on the phone was wasted but I think I got a little useful information out of it.

I thought that ant-spam screensaver was an interesting idea. I downloaded it but I hadn't decided if I would ever use it or not. It looks like I can just go ahead and delete it.

If someone needed presents for me, there are many fine Achewood products now (and if you're wealthy and speedy you could buy me a painting of Roast Beef):

I saw the guy who does Exploding Dog on TV this week. Kind of interesting.

I spent some time this week working on moving, either helping monstersocks disassemble things or moving some of my stuff into the new place. I'm also working on cleaning out my storage space so that I can move some of my less essential but unable to get rid of things out there. I should be able to avoid the frantic stage until the end of January, or maybe February (I'm stuck in my lease until the end of February but I'd like to get everything out by the end of January).

One of the ways I've avoided buying a fancy new tv is by thinking, "I'll buy a new tv after the next time I move". Now I'm moving so I don't have that reason anymore. At least I still have the "A better tv would cost a huge pile of money" excuse.

Comcast is being irritating (I signed up for new service but I'm having a hell of a time getting an appointment or having them call us back). Competition (other than satellite dishes and the like) would be nice.

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