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Way too difficult

Finally home.

I left work early today so I could go to the new apartment to wait for the cable guy and take care of monstersocks (she was home sick today). While discussing the concept of dinner I got out my laptop and discovered an open wireless signal in the apartment so we were able to do a little research online before we got our cable modem working.

The cable guy showed up about halfway through the appointment window (Impressive!) but he didn't have everything he was supposed to have (I'd requested a home theater cable box that has an s-video connection on it and a digital audio output and he just had a normal cable box, pointing to the composite video cable as the cable to use for digital audio. Wacky). So, he hooked up what he had brought and discovered that only one of the cable boxes he had actually worked (after wandering off to set up the connection in the basement). After he retrieved some replacement hardware from his truck, the phone rang. The delivery truck had arrived with some furniture I inherited recently. I went out and discovered a very large truck with an enormous cardboard box (it was actually made out of quite a few different boxes assembled with saran wrap and tape). I helped wrestle it out of the truck and then we discovered that it wouldn't fit through the doorway. I went back to check on the cable guy then returned to the front door to deal with the furniture. We opened up the top of the box unleashing a minor flood of styrofoam peanuts. All three items appeared to have made it safely in their cardboard and styrofoam cocoon. The delivery guy helped me to haul the furniture into the apartment then headed off. I got to deal with the enormous cardboard box and stray packing material. I went back inside and finished dealing with the cable guy (his supervisor is coming out tomorrow with the correct cable box). Once that was done I spent a fairly long time outside cleaning up the mess (styrofoam peanuts are wily little suckers). Fortunately I found a nearby dumpster (yes, I should have tried to re-use them or something but I already have six trash bags full of styrofoam peanuts at my storage locker) and cardboard recycling bin.

Once all of that was dealt with I went out to pick up some dinner for monstersocks and myself. After dinner I attempted to get the new cable modem working. Unsurprisingly the cable company software fairly completely failed so I had to call them up and have one of their employees tell me how to do exactly what their software would have done if it weren't so craptastic. (A piece of paper explaining what to do would have been a lot easier. If only they could give you a little test to see if you can be trusted with such knowledge instead of using some incompetently written installer.) Once I got that working I setup my router so we have our own wireless network in the new apartment.

I finally got home around 11pm. There's some sort of inspection tomorrow (rental re-certification or something) but I don't really feel like doing much cleaning or anything for it. My apartment's fairly obviously in a state of flux right now (about the kindest way you could put it).

Yeah, so, that was my day. Very tired now.

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