Aaron (coprock) wrote,


Thank goodness I kept those six year old issues of Wired, otherwise I don't know what other useless garbage I could have been angry with myself for hanging onto long after it had outlived its usefulness. Those six year old video game magazines were also quite informative. Apparently there's an interesting game coming out called Metal Gear Solid.

Bah. Destroyed (politely) one of my tall white bookcases because it was twice as heavy as the other one. Didn't throw it away yet though because it was an impolite hour in which to throw heavy things into the dumpster.

Given some of the stuff I found tonight my "get rid of half of my stuff" goal seems not only doable but insufficient.

I will throw out* things that I want to keep but don't use.
I will throw out things that are functional but don't meet my needs or have other flaws.
I will throw out books I never got around to reading because I really never will.
I will throw out my old college textbooks because I haven't needed to refer to them in the past eight years so I think it's safe.
I will throw out books that I have read and don't feel much of a need to ever read again.
I will get new furniture to replace the furniture that doesn't make the cut.
I will stop hoarding the original packaging for items I don't own anymore.

* the phrase "throw out" should be read as "sell/give away/recycle/trash"

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