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Apparently I don't have a good grasp of that word's meaning.

Miserable weather this morning. I had to stop twice on Energy Park Drive to scrape the ice off of my windshield. I passed one smashed car on Energy Park Drive (plus a police car dealing with the mess) and around ten to fifteen smashed cars on 280. This is the kind of weather that makes me grumpy and wish I had a better assortment of vulgar language with which to describe it.

monstersocks and I went to Finnish Bistro for breakfast and had a small pastry (and got stuck for a while behind an extremely unhappy and difficult man). Next was the shopping. Four hours at Rosedale (including quite a bit of wandering around the parking lot looking for a space to put my car) plus stops at Bibelot (before) and Cost Plus (after). Fortunately I've already finished almost all of my holiday shopping and only had to pick up a few random stocking stuffers. We also tried Caribou's stupid holiday beverages. monstersocks didn't really like her Fa La Latté (I didn't either) but I thought my Ho Ho Mocha (if you say it right it sounds vaguely Hawaiian) was pretty good.

We had a good time at the 2004 Triple Threat Party at Lucé. (Pictures forthcoming, delayed by the move.) Many fine folk showed up to honor the birthdays of jodi, monstersocks and spacebug including: 433, alisgray, dcontaminant, eriker, hexagonalcarbon, kalmn, nicholay, s4, twitme, vaxjo, viksin, lokey, echoegami and hominidgrrl.

On Sunday we went out to Glockenspiel to celebrate monstersocks' birthday with her family. Perfect weather for mulled wine and kasespaetzle.

"we're on an adventure"
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