Aaron (coprock) wrote,

The Empire Calls Back

I got a survey call at work today (I'm not used to getting those calls at work, where you answer and there's no one there then someone finally comes on the line). I'm always torn between the general irritation I feel when the phone rings and my desire to tell them to go away and my desire to actually contribute to a survey and be part of the results. The call didn't take too long and I got to complain about what I didn't like (I imagine I would have been less likely to respond to the survey if I'd been more satisfied). At the end they asked for the phone number they'd called without the area code which confused me enough that I gave them the wrong number (I think I gave them my cellphone number instead of my work number). Numbers without area codes are strange now.

While I'm a huge fan of TiVo I have to say that I wasn't very impressed with their TiVo Basic service. It definitely seemed more limited than necessary, but it did its job (I'm very eager to upgrade the TiVo Basic service to TiVo Plus on that unit, but I probably would have anyway so that I could take advantage of multi-room viewing). I still need to solve the "get stuff downstairs online without stringing cables all over the place" problem and bring my main TiVo over but that's currently waiting on the "get new entertainment center furniture" issue. The computer is in a similar place.

Calvin ADD Remix

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