Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Twas the night before Christmas

And all through a house, not a creature was stirring, well, except for Aaron whose flight was cancelled for the second night in a row.

Not much else to say, it was a repeat of the previous night except that there were helpful (if not exceptionally experienced) gate agents along the way.

So, I'm at home again. This is my first Christmas in Minnesota. I'm currently scheduled to fly out to Chicago tomorrow morning and then on to Knoxville by five pm.

I may fly NWA again but I don't think I'll ever fly with Pinnacle if I can help it. (Not only are they incompetent, their flight attendants have been sabotaging their own planes.)

So, Merry Christmas to all. I'm going to get four hours of sleep and hope the taxi service is more reliable than NWA.
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