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A Few Furlongs Short Of A Hogshead 
10th-Jan-2005 08:00 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
So, I brought my TiVo over to the new apartment tonight. I removed all of the cables and put them in a bag and then drove over.

It took me a while before I realized I'd forgotten one part… the remote.

I thought that I had a solution because we do have a TiVo/DVD-Player at the new apartment already and you can use normal TiVo remotes with multiple different TiVos so I thought I'd just change the code on the remote and I'd be saved. No such luck. Apparently the TiVo/DVD remotes are completely different from the normal TiVo remotes so I'm headed back to the old apartment.
11th-Jan-2005 02:39 pm (UTC)
Not all the new TiVos had incompatible remotes with the old TiVos. We bought a new TiVo/DVD-R, but had to return it due to a bad hard drive. When I deleted all the programs from the new one, I accidentally deleted everything from our ancient Series 1 too. The codes were identical.

I even tried to obstruct the Series 1 IR window when I did it.

11th-Jan-2005 05:07 pm (UTC)
Ouch, that's terrible.

I now have a total of three TiVos, an old Series 1 (30 hour, no service), a Series 2 (80 hour, lifetime) and a Toshiba DVD Player/TiVo (80 hour, monthly service).

I sat down last night initially trying to change the DVD/TiVo remote to a distinct channel so it could co-exist with the other TiVos. While looking through the manual for the proper procedure I realized that I'd forgotten to bring any new TiVo remotes over so I thought I'd just switch the code on the DVD/TiVo remote to control the TiVo I brought over (I already had the Series 1 and Series 2 TiVos on different remote codes to avoid problems). I couldn't find anything in the manual, then started looking online and discovered that a lot of the DVD/TiVo units have different remotes that don't operate like the normal TiVo remotes. That accomplished my initial goal (avoiding problems of one remote controlling multiple units) but didn't let me control the other TiVo.

I think I'm going to try upgrading the drive in my Series 2 TiVo. It's making a pretty god-awful screeching noise right now that I can't stand. Fortunately now that I've got multi-room-viewing working I should be able to backup all the shows on the Series 2 TiVo before ripping it apart and possibly killing it.
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