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MacWorld Thoughts 
12th-Jan-2005 08:17 am
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The one announcement made yesterday that I didn't notice at all was that Bare Bones has released Text Wrangler 2.0 for free. Very nice.

I think the announcement yesterday that I'm most interested in is iPhoto 5.0. Hierarchical folders, new book options, movie support, etc. I don't really do much with the rest of the iLife apps so I'm not as interested in those. I'll probably pick up the family pack later this month.

I think the new Mac mini is a great idea, what the Cube should have been. My main complaints are the hard drive size (I'm guessing they're using laptop drives which explains the 40/80 sizes) and the lack of a SuperDrive (but you can add one if you order online from the Apple Store). I also see the irony in complaining about how stripped-down the machine is when it is by definition a stripped down machine in order to keep the price low. I was somewhat amused yesterday afternoon when a coworker dropped by to ask some questions about getting a new computer to replace his old iMac (running OS 9.x). Apparently Apple is recommending that people not upgrade the memory themselves but it won't violate the warranty. Hopefully it isn't as much of a pain to upgrade as the old G4 iMac.

I think the iPod Shuffle is an interesting product. I feel no need to buy one but it seems like something I can see other people wanting.

iWork would be much more interesting if it had all the functions of AppleWorks (spreadsheet, database, drawing) instead of just presentation (no need) and word processing.

I was hoping for some sort of announcement of a partnership with TiVo that would help explain the TiVoToGo mess (no Mac support now, there's no real sign there ever will be).

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12th-Jan-2005 06:12 pm (UTC)
There was a big MacWorld convention in San Francisco over the weekend. I thought of you.
12th-Jan-2005 09:59 pm (UTC)
ayup, laptop drives -- reason to look to the upper model, i guess -- in the case-off view, it looks like the memory slot is easy to access (though there're some reports of the case using an odd screw head) the 512MB isn't so outrageous $75 with street price on generics of that being $65, but the 1GB certainly is outrageous $455 whereas the generic dimm streets at $155 -- still, I think I'll *hafta get one.

as for the shuffle, I may hafta get one of those too -- there's a feature that would probably be useful for for some other old ipods as well -- "reencode high bit-rate files to 128k AAC during transfer" (which doesn't change to original file).

I'm sure they'll add apps to iwork as they go along -- they have with ilife -- and appleworks itself has changed somewhat over time. I'm interested in finding out if pages really has the same system requirements as keynote (i wouldn't suspect so, but i dunno).
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