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Last night... 
30th-Oct-2002 12:48 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Weird problem with my iBook last night. I woke it up and the trackpad and keyboard didn't work. I plugged in a mouse and was able to force it to shutdown (couldn't have done it without Mouseworks since I had to force quit Mail and that's hard to do without a keyboard). After the restart everything is okay.

Last night heidiz came by with Thai food. We watched some Invader Zim and a little Cop Rock and hung out. She also picked up the Monk tapes I recorded for her. It's sad that she's moving to Canada in about a month.

After heidiz left I finally ripped open Vice City and started playing. First, I have two gripes. There's this weird option for "trails" which makes everything leave strange trails and it's on by default. I may try it again later to see if it bothers me less. When loading a game saved with the DTS option enabled (for four channel surround sound) it asks "did you actually want to use DTS?"

Other than that, Vice City is excellent. Motorcycles are very cool, the new areas are cool, the new weapons are cool. Ten hidden items get you a bulletproof vest. Even the initial startup screen is really cool (and sentimental). I'm still adjusting to how much Pinker the game is than GTA3. I've mostly just explored so far, I haven't really done a bunch of missions yet. The hideout scheme appears to be completely new where you buy apartments and whatnot instead of automatically moving into new areas.
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