Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Mighty Hunter

I finally got around to upgrading my TiVo tonight. My 80 hour TiVo is now a 150ish hour TiVo. Dragging a PC over to the apartment with a monitor was more trouble that the actual upgrade.
I used the Automated TiVo Upgrade Instructions site to get the info and picked up the drive at CompUSA for $60 after rebates (not a recommended Maxtor Quickview drive but it was quite a bit cheaper than one of those from Weaknees or another retailer) . I also picked up a $10 Torx set at Radio Shack so I could get the TiVo open. I think it took around 3 hours to copy and prepare the new drive. The TiVo booted up just fine with the new drive and much, much quieter (although now I can hear the fan in the back of it).

I still need to either figure out why my wireless bridge keeps disconnecting or replace it with something that actually works.

Work was okay today. I didn't make it out quite fast enough and was given a high priority task that needed to be done as soon as possible so I ended up sticking around about two hours longer than I'd planned. Kind of messed up any plans to get moving stuff done in addition to the TiVo tonight.

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