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The new entertainment center is together, now it just needs components. That's tonight's task. We managed to cut a much larger hole in the back piece with the assistance of monstersocks' father and his tools and workroom (there isn't really any good place at the new apartment to do such things, it being an apartment and all). Hopefully I can get things moved in and arranged without causing any problems for Lost or Alias (and thus incurring the wrath of monstersocks).

I think two of these articles are fascinating and I haven't read the third yet:
The Physical Genius
The Art Of Failure
Javascript- The World's Most Misunderstood Programming Language

Who actually wants a "moantone"?

I don't understand why it asked if "You have pink undertones to your complextion or reddish hair."

This test is accurate by some measures.

What sign of the Zodiac am I?

Virgo 80 %
Taurus 66 %
Cancer 66 %
Scorpio 66 %
Sagittarius 60 %
Capricorn 46 %
Libra 46 %
Aquarius 40 %
Pisces 40 %
Gemini 40 %
Leo 40 %
Aries 26 %

Take the Zodiac test here!


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