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Why is the last minute the most productive? 
31st-Jan-2005 11:14 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
I managed to get three car loads of stuff from the old apartment to the new one tonight, three or four trips worth each. My computer is now disassembled and in the new dining room and our living room is significantly more full of boxes. Unfortunately I didn't do as much filtering as I'd like but I now have absolutely no distractions in the old apartment.

Last night I somehow managed to roll over in my sleep and hit the "Radio On" button on my clock radio at 3am. Unfortunately that made a really awful noise and it took me a while to make it quiet again. I still have no idea how I managed to hit one of the buttons in my sleep. I guess I get a lot of practice with the whole snooze button thing.

Weird Food:
Savory Twinkies (Polenta and Goat Cheese)
Hello Kitty Sushi
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