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Slower And Steadier 
15th-Feb-2005 10:10 pm
Roast Beef- Dobler Style
I made some good moving progress tonight. One car load taken to storage, and one car load of books taken to the new apartment. I also dismantled two bookcases that were falling apart on their own and threw them out. (A new bookcase or two is next on the list after new desk.) There's still some more painful filtering that needs to be done but I do feel like there's progress. Less than half a month left so there damn well better be. I should deal with the huge pile of audio tapes I have, most of which I will never listen to.

I picked up some cupcakes at that cupcake shop on University for monstersocks for Valentine's Day. Mexican Hot Chocolate, Lemon Burst, Red Velvet and Mad Cow. Tasty.

We watched the first episode of Firefly this weekend. Still too long until Serenity.

Last week's Gilmore Girls referenced Cop Rock (they planned to watch a Cop Rock marathon) but they didn't have the decency to have Luke's sister on that episode. (That same actress played the woman who sang about selling her baby for money for crack).

Water Ox
16th-Feb-2005 07:29 pm (UTC)
I thought the Lemon one I had was fantastic. It tasted very fresh and had lemon pudding or something in the middle of it. The others were good but not as impressive (I only had the lemon one fresh, the rest spent some time in our refrigerator in plastic bags to protect them from garlic).

They didn't seem too busy when I dropped by, but maybe they were doing brisker business than usual for Valentine's day so the merchandise didn't have much time to sit around?
16th-Feb-2005 07:47 pm (UTC)
Could be. There was also a frightening lack of anything chocolate, which is traumatic for someone like me. I'll give it another shot.
18th-Feb-2005 05:19 pm (UTC)
I thought Mexican Hot Chocolate was good and Mad Cow (chocolate cup cake, cream cheese frosting and unsweetened chocolate chips on top) was great.
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