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In need of a good cleansing fire

I've been making some progress on the move lately but there's still a lot to do. I dropped off a huge bag of clothes at Goodwill yesterday along with some videotapes and other assorted stuff. I'm also working on getting rid of the broken furniture still left in the apartment.

Yesterday I went out to lunch with monstersocks, kalmn and others (free in exchange for listening to a financial advisor presentation). If I were to have a financial advisor I would want one who at least sounds more sure of herself than that one. I bet I could make one cry in frustration at my current finances though. (Oh look, American Express Financial Advisors are in the news right now too.)

I also finally got around to taking care of my change of address with the post office and got a new license. (Apparently you can renew a license eight months before it's going to expire.) The DMV office tricked me though, the line was pretty short when I showed up but once I got the paperwork I had to sit in a second area with a bunch of people who hadn't been in the original line waiting for pictures. I also got rid of my old cable box and cable modem from the old apartment this week.

Much better Lost this week than last, in my opinion. Last week didn't seem like anything new, just reiterating what we already knew.

And, there are a few more pictures of my niece online now. (The latest version of BetterHTMLExport appears to have a problem with full size resolution so some of the numbers on the actual image pages are wrong.)

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