Aaron (coprock) wrote,


Got up really early today and went to the opening of the new Apple Store at Southdale with 433. We got there at about 9am with maybe forty people in line ahead of us. By the time the store opened at 10am the line had grown to several hundred people. At one point we got a lecture from a little mall security guard about how we could sit down in line, but lying down was prohibited. We also weren't allowed to take pictures because all of the storefront designs were copyrighted. I was a little disappointed I didn't bring my camera because I wanted to take a picture of the guy who provoked the "don't lie down" speech.

We got free t-shirts and entered the contest to win a 15" iMac with digital hub accessories, then tried to pick up GTA:Vice City at Best Buy for 433 but they were sold out again and he got a rain check.

monstersocks didn't want to come to the opening of the store. We'll be going out to dinner later with our friend Brian and probably doing some shopping beforehand.

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