Aaron (coprock) wrote,


It feels so good to be healthy again. I hate being sick and walking around in a fog.

One benefit of being sick was that I had plenty of time to catch up on some of the TV that had built up on my TiVo during the recent move. I got through quite a few episodes of The Simpsons, Arrested Development and Monk. I also caught a few episodes of Robot Chicken. A little good stuff mixed in with a bunch of mediocre stuff.

I came really close to ordering a new computer yesterday. Unfortunately when I checked back last night it had gone from "usually ships in 2 to 3 days" to "this item has not yet been released". Bastards. My main stumbling block had been wondering when the next update would happen but I was close to just going ahead and buying something. It was a pretty good deal too (with rebate, etc.). Oh well, more waiting.

monstersocks and I went out to dinner at the Macaroni Grille in Rosedale last night. Pretty good, except that they made our food completely wrong several times (We got the choose your own adventure pasta and at first they didn't give either of us everything they should have and gave monstersocks some of what should have been on mine, then they used the wrong sauces the next time. Apparently they were just very confused that night.) I think they finally got it right on the third try. The waitress and manager were very apologetic and the whole thing was free, so that wasn't too bad. Just wasted a bit of time.

I finally got my taxes done earlier this week. I used an online site that originally was going to cost $45 (possibly plus tax) but ended up only costing $25 after I found a link to free online tax filing. (Federal was free, the state stuff cost $25.) It was the same site as I was using originally, it was just $20 cheaper using that link.

I also got my security deposit refund back from my old apartment last week. They took off about half for cleaning stuff. Some of the stuff seemed reasonable (things I had forgotten about cleaning like the light fixtures and some of the blinds), some didn't (there was stuff that I did clean but I guess that they didn't think I cleaned it well enough) and stuff that I expected to see on the list that wasn't there. I also got six years of interest (at a much better rate than my current savings account) so all in all it turned out pretty well.

The PSP is out in a couple weeks. Looks kind of interesting but I still don't really see myself buying one. Wipeout Pure and Ridge Racer are tempting but the battery life is supposed to be pretty bad, and their price point is kind of ridiculously high for a gaming system. GTA isn't due out until a month or two after the main release.


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