Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Nature abhors...

I stopped by Best Buy on the way to monstersocks' parents' house for dinner. I played around with the new Palm Tungsten T and the Sony PEG-NR70V. They didn't have a Sony CLIE PEG-NX70V even though it was in the ad. The Tungsten looks really good with much better fonts than the NR70V. It also has built in bluetooth and a cool collapsing design. The Sony models have built-in digital cameras and keyboards hidden within the swivel design. Sony's Palm devices are really cool, but they've pretty much completely ignored the Mac market. If I buy one for myself I can also get a pretty good deal on it with my Sony card.

Anyway, I got home from dinner earlier than usual and did some cleaning. Took out the trash and recycling and did some vacuuming. I even got my lunch made for tomorrow and got my stuff ready for the gym. I'm hoping to do some cleaning in the living room but I hear Vice City calling me...

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