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I'm Gonna Wait 'Till The Midnight Hour 
20th-Mar-2005 01:44 am
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
I got up this morning and there was a phone call while I was in the shower. It turned out to be work calling for help with some of our less well behaved servers. I helped one of my coworkers to make the serve exhibit its less favorable behavior (even before the step where it should have). Then there was some waiting for the nice Ikea delivery folk to bring my furniture. They showed up around 1pm (towards the early side of their delivery window). The rest of my day consisted of following little iconic directions (because actual words would be too tricky). I think I managed to get two of the three things assembled correctly, the third I somehow assembled upside down. (It's definitely a reasonable construction, it's just that there are some exposed bolty things and the fixed shelf isn't really where it was supposed to be.

monstersocks came home as I was finishing assembling the desk so she was home but not always around for the bookcase assembly.

We had dinner at Panda Garden before heading out for idundunitagain's kind-of graduation party. We hung out with eriker, ladyslaughter, komatoast, gidon and the lady of honor idundunitagain. We played Apples to Apples (which I narrowly won) and then some Karaoke Revolution (of which I avoided coming in last every round). I think the most useful thing I did when playing that game was to suggest that the song "Snake Eater" probably came from the latest Metal Gear Solid game.

I also played some Tekken 5 while waiting and watched some Spaced during the assembly.
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