Aaron (coprock) wrote,


I was at Best Buy earlier this week (checking to see if they had a demo PSP out, no such luck) and tried out the DS Wario Ware game. That was the first game for the DS that I've had any interest in, but I still wasn't that impressed. The touchscreen does make some interesting additions to Wario Ware but the second screen still seems like a clumsy gimmick that just doesn't quite work well. Maybe Nintendogs will change my mind.

Anyway, I went ahead and picked up a PSP today. Very nice. The screen is as impressive as I'd heard and the games look great. I got Wipeout Pure and Ridge Racer. Wipeout looks great and plays like the Wipeout of old. Ridge Racer also looks great and I like the courses brought back from previous editions. (It's arguable whether this is nice nostalgia or lazy repetition.) The video features are also pretty cool. I've got the new Dr. Who episode on the PSP and may try some other video if I have the time. (Unfortunately I haven't finished downloading season 1 of Max Headroom yet.) I thought about picking up Lumines but decided two games were enough.

I stopped by Target after work (and ran into jimbexleyspeed) and they still had plenty of PSPs available. I guess they've got a good handle on the whole supply/demand thing.

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