Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Slow and Steady

Good time tonight at jimbexleyspeed's place. I got there for the last half of Hell Comes To Frogtown with my assorted Bacon Bars. Everyone except for 433 who tried the bars liked them. I think the general consensus was that the Bacon Snack Bars were superior.

After the movie ended most of the rest of the folks arrived. 433 and ducttapegirl prostitutes showed up followed shortly by sxoidmal and eriker. jodi arrived towards the end of the evening so she got to see one match and some UCB.

Picking up the doughnuts at Krispy Kreme was kind of strange. I got there and the production line was turned off. (I don't think I've seen it turned off at Maple Grove before, not a very good sign.) The restaurant was completely empty and there was no one behind the counter. I yelled "Hello?" a few times. After about five minutes someone finally came out. They also had no paper hats.

I apparently missed the Chicken Memo for potluck dishes. I think I was the only one whose dish didn't involve chicken in any way (although there was bacon which is sort of white meat).

The wrestling was okay. Piper was the highlight, the con-ladder-to was pretty good (even though Edge won) and there were some other good bits. HHH and JBL both lost, so that was good.

It's late.
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