Aaron (coprock) wrote,


Obnoxious lingering cough, been around about a week with no other strange symptoms. Annoying. Trying some tea in addition to the cough medicine.

LiveJournal Username
The name of your zombie infested home town.
Your zombie killing weapon of choice.
How much do zombies scare you?
Oh noes!!11 A zombie! What do you do?
Blasting zombies left and right with a freaking twelve guage. What do you think?kalmn
Curled into a fetal position crying their eyes out.monstersocks
Is pwning some zombies with Don't Stop Me Now playing in the background.nicholay
Is sitting at home watching CNN and eating ice cream.gidon
Get ripped to pieces by the zombies. Bummer.echoegami
Is the zombie king who you must destroy to end the zombie menace.eatstoomuchjam
Number of zombies you decapitate.118
Chances you survive the zombie swarm.
Quiz created by Rob at BlogQuiz.Net
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