Aaron (coprock) wrote,

The Need For Speed

So, today my group from work went to the Nascar racing place at the MoA as a morale building exercise. . It was actually a lot of fun. I went quite a few years back with a few friends and it was okay but we only did one race. Today we drove three races so there was one to get the hang of things and two to enjoy more. I managed to place first (out of the real people) on the second race and did okay on the third race but not as well (I got involved in a wreck early on and never made up for it). A couple of my coworkers decided they'd had enough after one race (I guess it can be a little unsettling for people with more sensitive constitutions). I should try and go back sometime with some other people.

After the racing we went to Hooters for some drinks. I think this was the second time in my life that I've been to Hooters (the last time being when I went to the nascar thing before). I'd assumed they'd have a full bar but all they had was beer, wine and frozen margaritas. Several of the guys didn't want their significant others to find out that they'd been to Hooters. It seems like something worth hiding should be more enjoyable than that. (I think the only really redeeming part of Hooters is that it amuses me when it reminds me of Raisins.

Picked up some Lime Pepsi at Target tonight with monstersocks to help prove that I'll buy any silly new soft drink they make. Haven't tried it yet.

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