Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Looking a gift horse in the mouth

Went to work today, then the gym, then dropped by the Apple Store. I waited about five or ten minutes in line then went in. I pre-ordered the family pack from Amazon (although they still haven't shipped it, bastards) so I wasn't planning on actually buying it. They didn't have a 10% off sale on hardware but they were giving away scratch off cards with which one could win a PowerBook or an iPod or lots of other prizes! (I won a free iTunes song.) I didn't stay too long, just poked at Tiger on an iBook for a little while then left.

Came home to find monstersocks and kalmn watching the end of ER. Next they spent some time playing Taiko Drum Master. (I did a couple songs too. Apparently it looked like I was poking at the drums with the sticks.)

And I'm sure there were several other things I intended to post but have completely forgotten now that I'm actually in front of a computer.

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