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Oh Freddled Gruntbuggly… 
1st-May-2005 12:10 am
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
I spent a large part of today cleaning and organizing the apartment with monstersocks. We managed to make a significant dent in some of the growing clutter downstairs but failed to achieve some of my more ambitious goals. We may not be finished, but "Once begun is half done." We did manage to take a bag and several boxes over to Goodwill. While waiting in the impressively long line at the drive-thru we saw a white squirrel scampering around in the nearby trees. Sadly I had no camera with me (and probably wouldn't have been able to catch the quick little feller if I'd had one).

I got a statement from my least used credit card which confused me a bit. (I didn't think I'd been carrying it for a while so I didn't know why they would send me a statement.) Apparently they decided that they really like me so they gave me a $20 credit that I can use until the middle of the month. I couldn't find any evidence to show that they were trying to get away with anything so it seems legitimate. I guess they're hoping that if I remember I have the card I'll start using it again or something.

Amazon still claims they're planning to ship my copy of Tiger on the 29th of April. They've got some impressive technology out there. Maybe Apple's messing with their supplies after the PowerMac update fiasco.

monstersocks and I picked up thedrunkengent and went out to dinner at the Minneapolis Punch. It's an interesting change from the Saint Paul location, much more efficient/fast casual instead of a sit-down restaurant. They also make it much easier to pick what you want on the pizza instead of only getting to pick one of the approved combinations. After dropping thedrunkengent off back at his apartment we went out for ice cream and then saw The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

(I was, once upon a time, fairly obsessed with the book/radio series/game/tv show/etc. Taking a cue from snickle I figured that I first read the books almost twenty one years ago in my first year in the Middle School. I remember that before that there was one girl in my class who had been fairly obsessed with the books and talked about them frequently but I didn't read them until '84. I eventually listened to the radio series on public radio and was fairly well hooked. I'd probably still have my old tapes of the radio show if they hadn't been stolen out of a friend's car around fifteen years ago.)

I enjoyed the film version. There were several "How could they leave out the best bit?" moments but I'm sure they had their reasons. Aside from one fairly significant issue with Arthur's character at the end of the film I thought it was quite good. The Vogons and the Guide bits were wonderful. I loved the fact that they used Journey of the Sorcerer as the theme. There were quite a few bits that I appreciated they'd kept so well.

I'm kind of torn about the Serenity trailer. (It wasn't shown with Hitchhiker's for us.) On the one hand I would have enjoyed seeing it since I'm very eager to see it (more eager than for the new Star Wars) but I've also been avoiding it because I don't want to know anything about the movie until I actually see it. I really enjoyed being pleasantly surprised by Firefly when monstersocks and I first sat down to watch it when it first aired almost three years ago. All I knew was that it was a new Joss Wedon sci-fi show without aliens. I hadn't known it would be a space western. Only four months (or so) to go.
1st-May-2005 06:22 am (UTC) - i agree with the SW sentiments, even though that looks tasty with 'saber fighting
I'm addicted to the Serenity trailer. ninevah and I downloaded iTunes just so we could watch it full computer screen.

It makes me jump up and down, wriggle in my seat, and have fictional ants in my pants.

It's a very basic teaser... There's not a lot of meat to it, actually... But it does show that it's picking up where the tv show left off. *shrug* I won't tell you more than that, so you can be surprised if'n you want.

But I want these next four months to pass so damn fast!!!
2nd-May-2005 07:40 pm (UTC)
It took me a few episodes to appreciate the understated humor of Firefly, what with the Texan-cum-Chinese patois, and I was a little worried that the trailer would have the same problem bringing in the new audience. I heard several people in the theater saying things like "Serenity? What is that?" and "Wasn't that a TV show that was canceled years ago?" I have good hopes for the movie, but I probably should keep telling myself "it will suck, it will suck" so it will surpass any expectation.
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