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Skimming some old entries I discovered that I complain about waiting for new computers to be released a lot so I'll hide this post in the extended text:
Amazon currently claims they'll ship my new computer sometime in July. I'm hoping that's just a wild guess as to when Apple will deliver the goods and I'll actually have it much sooner. I'm tempted to go somewhere else or pick one up at the local Apple Store but it's a significantly better deal from amazon so I wait. (If only I needed a free human being.) The delay just gives me more time to waste deciding between getting the 2GB upgrade or just going with 1GB. (I could also consider picking up a 512MB upgrade for monstersocks.)

I haven't run into any significant problems with Tiger so far (running it on my PowerBook at home and my Mac mini at work). I found a binary clock widget but unfortunately it still uses the nonsensical confused binary/decimal display. I needed to download an update to one screen saver, Prefling and BitTorrent. It appears WinSwitch isn't particularly necessary anymore as you can now have a much less intrusive version of fast user switching without it.

Spotlight was extremely handy recently when I needed to find the link to my planned father's day present. All I had to do was enter "father's day" into the search and it pulled up the email almost immediately.

Dashboard seems kind of interesting but it seems like Konfabulator still has it beat in a number of ways. When using Konfabulator I had the current temp and other info on screen at all times, with Dashboard I have to manually call it up and it takes a little while to refresh from the last time I viewed it. (I think showing some sort of reloading graphic on widgets as they reload would be helpful.)

It's strange that all applications now show their ".app" extension.

The new built-in Dictionary is pretty nice.

Amazon: $1,770.74 (next day shipping, $25 gc, delivery date unknown)
MacConnection: $1794 (ground shipping, maybe a week to show up)
Apple Store: $1915.94 (local, immediate)


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