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Geek Toys 
18th-May-2005 11:02 am
Roast Beef- Dobler Style

Lots of interesting news coming out of E3 this week. The PS3 looks amazing with up to seven Bluetooth controllers, gigabit ethernet and built in 802.11g, Blu-Ray, dual 1080p HDTV otuput and generic memory card support. Much more impressive than the xbox 2 (One article agrees, another article agrees and a third article takes a slightly more balanced view.) It's a little early to speculate but there's already a rumor that it'll cost well over $400 at launch. Ouch. At least they'll be fully backwards compatible unlike xbox 2. monstersocks caught me staring that the back of the new PS3 trying to figure out what a few of the ports were (the three gigabit ethernet ports). She called it "nerd porn" which is pretty accurate.

Obviously I'll need a pair of HDTVs that support 1080p when the PS3 is released, but some people disagree.

Nintendo's Revolution looks interesting. Backwards compatible with the Gamecube plus the ability to download and play (for some sort of fee) old NES, SNES and N64 games. The Game Boy Micro is a little curious, but I'd like to know how they managed to cram in a real headphone port on this "micro" device when they couldn't manage it on a GBA: SP.

I was a little worried about the next X-Men movie when I heard Bryan Singer dropped out, but my fears were laid to rest when I heard they got Kelsey Grammar to play Beast. (My initial reaction was pretty negative, but he did a good job as Sideshow Bob and the first two movies were good despite Halle Berry.) Still not sure about Shannon being cast as Kitty Pride.

The PalmOne Life Drive was finally released today. Kind of cool but a bit clunky. Battery life doesn't sound great and it's pretty big, but a PDA with 4GB of storage would be cool.
18th-May-2005 04:40 pm (UTC)
Backwards compatibility. That's all I ask. If Nintendo didn't include that, I'd have to build an even larger cabinet to hold my Nintendos.
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