Aaron (coprock) wrote,


I left my water bottle at home after washing it last night. That means I have to get little cups of water instead of just filling it twice a day. Very wasteful.

I finally went to the dentist yesterday. It'd been a while since my last visit, I didn't really like my old dentist. If my old dentist had been as good as the new one I wouldn't have waited so long. I've got a couple of appointments next month to get some work done. I also apparently need something to help prevent me from wearing my teeth down to little nubbins while I sleep.

Recently people have found my website by looking for "christian housewarming" and "zombie toys" (among many other search terms). Odd.
Unfortunately "tickling" is leading for the month once again with "bocce field"/"pig picking" in second place. I imagine I might get even more curious hits if I ever get around to moving my old lj content over to my new site.

xbox 2 interview- I'm not sure it's a good idea to talk about how you're thinking about splitting your console base into multiple groups after launch. "Sorry, you can't play this game, you've got the rev1. xbox 2 which lacks hd-dvd and blu-ray support."

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