Aaron (coprock) wrote,


Friday- Went out to see Revenge of the Sith with my group from work. Very fun. I'll put my thoughts about the movie in a separate post. monstersocks and I had some dinner then journeyed to the grocery store to try and find something to bring to the party. Once we finally found something reasonable we headed over to vaxjo's for the big birthday party. We made it home pretty late. I was eager for bed but I'd gotten a few pages while at the party so I had to check on a few of our servers and make sure everything was okay before heading to bed.
Saturday- Got up not nearly as late as I should have. monstersocks and I went out to lunch at India Palace then stopped by her mother's antique shop where we ran into s4 and treefrog spacebug again. We eventually made it back home then headed over to kalmn's place to help her with her entertainment system. (There were various TiVo/phone/internet issues that made it more complicated than it should have been.)

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