Aaron (coprock) wrote,

No, you can't call me "Turniphead"

Excited about the movie tonight. Maybe I'll watch the trailer afterwards.

I picked up WarioWare- Twisted this week. While I think it's a cool idea and they did a good job with the rumble/motion sensor combination I'm not that fond of it yet. It feels like it was designed more for the original GBA or the DS than the GBA:SP. Their wider bodies would probably work better for rotating than the narrow SP. It is interesting to play a game where the d-pad and buttons are (almost) completely unused. Maybe I'll get into it more later.

monstersocks and I watched the Lost finale last night. I was pretty disappointed with the finale. We didn't really learn much of anything new in the flashbacks. Charlie's a junkie, Hugo had bad luck, etc. I guess we did learn that Sayid has paid so little attention to Charlie that he didn't know he's a junkie. The stuff on the raft was good as was the bit with the dynamite and the gesticulation. I would have liked to see an answer to at least one of the bigger background questions. What happened to Jack's marriage? Why couldn't Locke walk? What did Kate do? (Aside from the phone sex ad I saw her in on Comedy Central recently.) I didn't want everything explained, but a little something would have been nice.

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