Aaron (coprock) wrote,


At long last my new computer finally showed up on Monday.

Unfortunately Monday is a gym day so I had to sit there at work with it taunting me in the corner, then go to the gym and work out while it taunted me from my trunk. I finally got home around 7-ish and started setting it up on my desk. I booted my Cube into Firewire Target Disk Mode, connected the two machines and got the Migration Assistant started. The initial estimate was over seven hours for 80GB of data. I had dinner and did other stuff for a while then checked back in and the estimated time remaining had become more reasonable. Once the migration had finished I spent the rest of the evening just doing basic software updates and re-installing some driver software that probably didn't get moved over fully.
The screen is gorgeous and huge. I'm looking forward to actually using it for something productive soon. It's also much speedier than the other machines I use. There were a few bumps getting my phone re-synchronized but when it was done it was actually better than it had been before. (Previously companies had shown up unsorted at the bottom of the list with blank names on them, now they show up sorted by company name within the other entries. Much more useful.) I haven't fully explored it yet but it appears that I know have to separately launch iSync to sync with my phone instead of it just happening when I connect my iPod.
There's a lot more space on my desk with the new setup (20" iMac G5 replacing a 19" crt, G4 Cube with speakers and firewire CD-RW and USB Bluetooth). I need to get the cords cleaned up sometime soon (I kept putting it off since I was getting a new computer Real Soon Now).


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