Aaron (coprock) wrote,

I guess I'll need 92 more icons...

Very busy week at work. Lots of meetings. Lots of talking.

The Apple/Intel thing is still really weird. There are more technical details available now. It looks like there's no Classic support on the new machines (which won't be here for another year). Supposedly Apple has no interest in selling Mac OS X to generic pc users but they won't prevent users from installing Windows on their intel Macs.

Given the current timeframe I'm not too upset about my recent computer purchase. Apple won't be dropping support for the PPC macs for quite a while. No developer will start ignoring PPC macs for quite a few years.

I'm more worried about Apple's sales for the next couple years. I imagine a lot of people will be hesitant to buy expensive new machines that will be "obsolete" so soon. It'll also be possible to actually compare Macs and pcs by clock speed (we'll see what kind of price difference there is).

On the plus side, Virtual PC should get a lot faster and the Intel Centrino stuff seems like it has some good features.

I picked up a few games this weekend. I got a fighting game with Foreman from House, Lego Star Wars and a couple others (mostly at the Toys R Us that's going out of business). I've unlocked a few of the characters but there's still quite a way to go.

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